About  Us


We guide and assist our clients through all phases of searching, selecting, viewing and purchasing a Superyacht. 

As independent consultancy company we mediate in all yachts of almost all major yacht brokers in Europe and beyond. Customers no longer need to visit multiple yacht brokers in different countries. This is time consuming, expensive and tiring, we will save you time, money and worry, while increasing your enjoyment and best experience.

Personal attention in combination with our professionalism in Yachting achieves us to find the right yacht for the prospect buyer. 

Superyachts Europe has an extensive knowledge and experience in the Yachting Industry.  Whether you want to buy or sell a yacht, with Superyachts Europe you have found your personal and professional guidance. We listen carefully.

Superyachts Europe covers the whole marketing process worldwide. We operate with a network of well-established brokers. We follow International Boat shows from Florida, Europe, Middle East to the Far East.

When you purchase a vessel, it is very important to decide on the best suitable country to register your yacht, in fact it is the most important aspect of the ownership process. We are not just selling or buying a yacht; we guide you.

We are located near Amsterdam - Schiphol Airport in The Netherlands. Within  ca a 2-hours flight we are in London, Germany, Nice, Barcelona, Mallorca, Ibiza, Valencia, Zurich, Brussels and many more cities.

Yacht Europe is the key to stress-free yachting.